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Ripe Testimonials

Working with Alex opened my eyes to the simple misconceptions about food and nutrition. After being educated on the true dos and don’ts of healthy living I was able to change my diet and continue to make informed decisions about my food choices.
— Emilie Nolan

Finding your way through a nutritious at home diet can be a daunting task. Not knowing where to start, what to buy, or how to prep and make your meals is overwhelming and honestly, who knows what to do. Alex was there every step of the way. Grocery store tours, meal preps and preparing portions are just some of the services that she provides. Not only is the food delicious she is a delight to work with. Our sessions together were fun and informative and I took a lot out of them. I would recommend Alex and her Ripe Nutrition services to anyone who is looking to change their lives!
— Quinn Kimiko

I’m fairly adept at cooking, have a well-stocked kitchen and am pretty knowledgeable about good nutrition and healthy eating habits. Even so, I needed some help to get my act together because my lifestyle is so busy and I have so many dietary restrictions, that I found I just wasn’t eating regularly or properly. That and I was bored with eating the same things repeatedly.

Along came Alex exploding with tons of vibrant energy and toting a wealth of information! She designed some delicious meals for me and together, we shopped and then prepared them together so that I had all my meals ready for the week. The difference in my health was immediate and noticeable; I had tons more energy and felt great. My body responded well because Alex made sure that I wasn’t eating any of the foods which my body couldn’t tolerate.

The meals Alex designed and helped me prepare were interesting and delicious. She found innovative and creative ways of altering different dishes to suit my dietary requirements. She also came up with meals and snacks that all could be prepared well in advance so that good food was always available and on-hand.

Alex is passionate about educating and helping people build a healthy lifestyle that includes good food and good eating habits. She will help change your life!
— Cathy Yu

I have found Alexandra to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and anything to do with health. I consult her on almost all aspects of nutrition, whether it involves myself, or my loved ones. I trust her advice, and can truly say, that she has taught me the importance of healthy food, an active lifestyle, and taking time to reflect and relax for myself. I would certainly recommend Ripe Nutrition to anyone who is willing to make a change, or even just learn more about nutrition and overall health.
— Katie Eaton

I had the opportunity to work with Alexandra in 2016 and it was life altering!! I went through her program and emerged realizing that I had lost the joy associated with eating. The simple act of eating is an enjoyable experience which was something that had become lost to me. I assume this occurs for others due to busy lifestyles. Eating had become chore, something that was required. It was another deadline for me to meet during the day which was not something I enjoyed.

Alexandra’s knowledge helped me rebuild the pleasure associated with eating. Her understanding of flavour combinations and food types are the key components that make the eating experience so wonderful. Having lost this pleasure in life, and having had the opportunity to rebuild my connection with Alexandra’s expertise, has changed my perspective. I now enjoy this part of my life momentously and look forwards to keeping this a commitment and priority in my life. Thanks Alex!!!!!
— Robert Mackenzie