Our Services

Beginning a new lifestyle can be hard, but don’t sweat it! We are here to help. Alex has built her career on helping those who need a plan, inspiration and or guidance to live a happier healthier life. In 45 minutes we can design a tailor made strategy to get you eating foods that you love, that make you not only look better, but feel better inside and out.

Don’t believe us? Just check out some testimonies from our clients.


Nutrition Consulting 

  • 45-Minute one-on-one meeting to discuss your health needs and goals

  • Style of eating, food intolerances, health assessment

  • From that meeting I can create a custom nutrition plan for you

  • Follow-up

  • Lifestyle coaching: health and wellness coach/motivational coach 

Custom Meal Plans

  • Personalized recipes

  • Enhance your favourite comfort foods nutritionally

  • Includes weekly grocery list and recipes  



Wellness Workshops

  • In office Wellness Workshops (broth bar)

  • Trending health and wellness topics

  • Cooking demonstrations

  • Health tips and tricks

  • Corporate one-on-one Nutrition Consultations 

In-Home Cooking Sessions

  • Registered Holistic Nutritionists

  • Grocery tours/pantry reviews

  • Will assess your kitchen, pantry and fridge

  • We educate you on how to enhance your diet, naturally

  • What to gear toward and what to stay away from

  • How to read nutritional labels 


broth spoon.jpg

Broth Delivery Service

  • Weekly or monthly delivery service (door to door) home or office

  • Broth Benefits: enhance your lifestyle - get ripe - broth out with us